Trimble t01 files failing to produce valid data.

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Fri Jun 10 06:58:19 UTC 2022

Dear All,

I convert Trimble (NetRS)T00 file to dat using the follow command (cmd)
runpkr00 -g -ademimv <raw filename>
then, I Get the extract dat file compatible for TEQC conversion to RINEX file
using the command teqc -tr -d <file.dat>.
Hope this helps.


Παραθέτοντας από Maria Eugenia Gomez <eugegomez80 at>:

> I think it shouldn't be the reason, but, have you tried fixdatweek utility
> before converting dat to RINEX?
> M. Eugenia
> El jue, 9 jun 2022 a las 1:15, Camilo Rada (<camilorada at>)
> escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> I need some advice from this community. I have over a dozen of Trimble
>> R7 and a few 5700 receivers that form a long term monitoring network.
>> While preparing 5 of them to be installed in a new location, I found
>> that the .t01 data files they produce fails to generate a valid .dat or
>> RINEX file. The five units have the same problem. I'm trying runpkr00
>> (both linux v2.0 and windows v6.04), and it produces a very small DAT
>> file, and with the -v option reports a status 29 or 30 (is 0 when all
>> works). I've also tried the Trimble convert to RINEX utility (windows).
>> I haven't been able to get the newer versions of this utility to work,
>> but older ones produce an error "gps time of week out of range".
>> I've also tried Trimble Online utility
>>, and it fails with
>> the error "Error: unable to convert to RINEX form".
>> A few of the produced DAT files did produce a valid RINEX using teqc,
>> but they contain only 3 to 10 observations where there should be
>> hundreds of them. Most of the DAT files just produce empty observation
>> files.
>> My normal workflow is with runpkr00 (linux v2.0) and teqc, and that
>> still works in older files produced by this very same receivers.
>> Although, those files are also older than the last GPS week roll over.
>> However, the firmware version is 2.32, which should handle the rollover
>> correctly.
>> I've attached an example of a .t01 file that is failing to convert to
>> RINEX or DAT.
>> Does anyone had a similar problem? Does it has to do with the receivers
>> or the t01 to DAT conversion? Any known solutions or workarounds out there?
>> There is nothing suspicious in the receivers behavior. They report that
>> they are tracking satellites and logging data. I've tried with different
>> antennas and antenna cables, and the problem persist. I've used the same
>> CF card in all tests, but I doubt that could be the problem if the files
>> get written successfully. Could it be?
>> Thank you very much
>> Camilo Rada
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