[unav-data] Interruption to PBO data flow January 4-5

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Tue Jan 3 15:57:26 MST 2006

Dear colleagues and friends,

Over the next two days, we will be migrating PBO data flow systems to  
a new server.  This will enable us to stay ahead of the growth curve  
in PBO data volume, and prepare us for some future data flow  
upgrades.  This is the migration that had been planned for mid- 
December, but was delayed due to the unrest at Augustine Volcano.

The server migration will require a complete interruption of PBO data  
flow for 48 hours.  This means there will be no new GPS or  
strainmeter data from PBO for the 48-hour period from 9 AM MST  
Wednesday, 4 January until 9 AM MST Friday, 6 January.  It also means  
that any map tools that display station status will show all PBO  
stations down for that time period.  However, the stations *will* be  
operating -- it is the download system that will not be.

The stations have (much) more than sufficient buffer to cover this  
planned outage.  If something critical occurs, we can initiate manual  
procedures to retrieve data as needed.

Please let me know if there are any objections to this outage.



Greg Anderson, Ph.D., PBO Data Products Manager
UNAVCO, Inc. / 6350 Nautilus Drive / Boulder, CO 80301
303-381-7555 (work) / 303-381-7552 (fax) / 303-775-3194 (cell)
anderson at unavco.org            http://pbo.unavco.org

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