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Thu Oct 12 15:54:34 MDT 2006

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the availability of data from the first four  
PBO shallow borehole tiltmeters, all installed on Mount Saint Helens.

We record temperature and two orthogonal axes of tilt once per  
minute, and store them in hourly BINEX files created using the NetRS  
receiver at each station.  We download these files hourly and  
translate them from BINEX format into three ASCII files, one each for  
temperature, tilt in the X-axis, and tilt in the Y-axis direction.   
We create an hourly tar archive containing the original BINEX file  
and the three derived ASCII files.  The data for each station are  
organized into a single directory per station, which contains a  
directory per year, and one subdirectory for each day of year.

Data are now available for the following stations and days of 2006:

    MSH_SRidgeWA2005 (P690) 273-present
    MSH_StdBkrWA2006 (P691) 272-present
    MSH_NWDomeWA2004 (P693) 272-present
    MSH_SESlpeWA2004 (P698) 273-present


    http://tilt.unavco.org/tilt/<station_name>     [Web access]
    ftp://tilt.unavco.org/pub/tilt/<station_name>  [Anonymous ftp]

where <station_name> is the name starting with "MSH..." given above.

The ASCII format has a simple header, followed by timestamped values  
of temperature or tilt.  Here is a brief example:

   # PBO Tiltmeter Data, format version 1.0
   # http://pboweb.unavco.org/strain_data
   # P693 msh-nwdomewa2004
   # Latitude     : 46.210300 degrees North (WGS-84)
   # Longitude    : -122.202300 degrees East (WGS-84)
   # Elevation    : 2112.983700 meters (WGS-84)
   # Sensor Depth : 7.430000 meters
   # SEED Codes   : PB P693 TT UKD
   # Timestamp (UTC)   Temperature (C)
   2006-10-02 15:00:01 3.830000
   2006-10-02 15:01:01 3.770000
   2006-10-02 15:02:01 3.980000

It is worth noting that the ftp server can dynamically create a gzip- 
tar archive containing all subdirectories and files in a given  
directory if you
give the command:

   get directory.tar.gz

For example, you can retrieve all data from MSH_SESlpeWA2004 (P698)  
via ftp by
doing the following:

   ftp tilt.unavco.org
   login: anonymous
   password: <e-mail_address>
   cd pub/tilt
   get msh-seslpewa2004.tar.gz

Please let me know if you have any questions on these data, their  
format, or their availability.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson, Ph.D., PBO Data Products Manager
UNAVCO, Inc. / 6350 Nautilus Drive / Boulder, CO 80301
303-381-7555 (work) / 303-381-7552 (fax) / 303-775-3194 (cell)
anderson at unavco.org            http://pboweb.unavco.org
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."  
-- St. Augustine

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