[unav-data] upcoming changes to PBO strainmeter data

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Thu Oct 25 13:44:12 MDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to inform you of two upcoming changes that affect PBO  
strainmeter data.  My apologies to those of you who may receive this  
message more than once.

PBO has a borehole strainmeter station installed at Floe Quarry on  
the Olympic Peninsula, currently named P403 (with a 16-character name  
of floequarybwa2005).  Due to some critical internal system changes,  
we will be renaming this station B003 on 30 October 2007.  The 16- 
character name will not change.

Also on 30 October 2007, we will begin a reprocessing run for all our  
strainmeter data, with the following main changes:

- PBO 20 sample/sec strainmeter data will be converted to SEED format
   and made available in both SEED and the native bottle format.  This
   will make it easier to use PBO strainmeter data for high-frequency

- We will make changes to the compression algorithm used in PBO SEED  
   from STEIM1 to STEIM2 compression

The renaming of P403 to B003 will involve replacing all P403 data at  
PBO's archives with a new set of data labeled as B003.  There will be  
short disruptions as this conversion takes place, and similar brief  
interruptions will happen as each PBO station's holdings are  
reprocessed.  We expect the process to be complete within 4-6 weeks.

We apologize for any disruption that these changes may cause.  For  
further information, please contact either Greg Anderson  
(anderson at unavco.org) or Kathleen Hodgkinson (hodgkinson at unavco.org).

Greg Anderson

Dr. Greg Anderson / PBO Data Products Manager, UNAVCO
+1 (303) 381-7555 (office) / +1 (303) 775-3194 (mobile)
http://pboweb.unavco.org / www.earthscope.org

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