[unav-data] NOTICE: Outage on data-out.unavco.org

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Thu Aug 2 18:42:47 MDT 2012

NOTICE: Outage on data-out.unavco.org on July 21-22; missing data to be 

Hardware problems with the RAID disk on the system data-out.unavco.org 
caused an outage on July 21-22. During the outage data continued to be 
archived on UNAVCO's internal systems, but most of the data archived is 
missing from data-out.unavco.org and must still be re-populated. The 
process for doing this will begin as soon as possible, and another 
message will be sent when all of the archived data have been 
re-populated. This will mainly affect data with content for doy 202-204, 
but also some older data that arrived and was archived during the July 
21-22 time frame. Once the re-population is complete, another message 
will be sent to this list.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this outage and 
the delay in re-population. If you have questions, please feel free to 
contact us (archive AT unavco.org or boler AT unavco.org).

Fran Boler

Fran Boler, Ph.D.
Data Center Manager
Geodetic Data Services
boler at unavco.org

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