[unav-data] WARNING: Temporary partial outage of GPS data availability

unav-data at ls.unavco.org unav-data at ls.unavco.org
Wed Jun 5 11:23:29 MDT 2013

To UNAVCO GPS Data and Product Users:

We are dealing with a couple of unanticipated, independent hardware 
outages with both our primary and secondary ftp servers; the net effect 
is that some data and products that we received and archived during the 
time frame of May 31-Jun 3 (doy 151-154) are currently not available for 
pickup. The data are safely archived, but because of the hardware 
situation, we cannot populate the ftp server with these data. We expect 
this situation to persist for up to 7 days, after which the missing data 
will be populated on the ftp server and accessible.

We regret the impact that this outage may have on your operations and 
thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions 
please direct them to archive at unavco.org.

Fran Boler

Fran Boler, Ph.D.
Data Center Manager
Geodetic Data Services
boler 'at' unavco.org

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