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Fri Jan 5 14:14:26 MST 2018

On January 3, 2018 UNAVCO upgraded the database and web services 
infrastructure that supports the GPS/GNSS DAIv2 web interface and 
related Java Clients. Unintended side effects from this upgrade have 
degraded these services. We are working on correcting this situation.

The impact is limited to DAIv2 and Java Clients. There is no impact to 
archiving of GPS/GNSS data and products.

The impact to DAIv2 includes:
--The end time shown in the Metadata Panel is frozen at January 02, 2018 
(or earlier) in spite of later data available in the archive. However, 
the end time shown in the Temporal Panel accurately indicates the end 
time of data available in the archive.
--When using the data cart to download RINEX data, more recently 
archived data (archived since January 02, 2018) are not included in the 
data cart. If the data have been archived as shown by the Temporal 
Panel, you can access them by going directly to the relevant directory 
on ftp://data-out.unavco.org/; for most customers this will be 

The impact to the Java Clients includes:
--Command line arguments relating to date filtering are not working in 
many cases
--Command line arguments related to grouping filtering are not working

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary degradation 
of services.

Please contact us if you have any questions: data at unavco.org

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