Initial Release of Data User Registration and Login for HTTPS File Server Access

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Thu Jun 30 22:43:44 UTC 2022

Dear UNAVCO Community,

The GAGE Facility, operated by UNAVCO, is developing a data user
registration and login system for access to our HTTPS Data File Server to
improve reporting of data archive usage to sponsors.

Today, June 30, 2022, we are making available as an
initial release of our data file server with identity management (IdM). It
is available for users to try until October 1, 2022 to facilitate
transition to this new way of accessing data files. Our main production
HTTPS Data File Server ( will continue to operate without
user registration and login during this transition period.

On *October 1, 2022*, based on feedback and updates to the system during
this transition period, identity management will be put into production on
our main production HTTPS Data File Server ( and the
initial release server,, will be retired. User
registration and login will then become the only way to access our HTTPS
Data File Server.

See our website for our transition plan
example data access scripts
and File Server Layout
<> page
for instructions for HTTPS data file access.

Please try this new system and contact us with questions, suggestions, and
concerns at software at <data at>.


The GAGE-SAGE IdM Development Team:

Jim Riley, Kelly Enloe, Alex Hamilton, Shannon Ganz, Scott Schreiner -

Rob Casey, Adam Clark - IRIS DS

Doug Ertz, UNAVCO GDS Software Engineering Manager

Dan McNamara, UNAVCO GDS Archive Manager

Dave Mencin, UNAVCO GDS Director
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