[unav_all] PBO replies to comments received on draft data management plan

Greg Anderson anderson at unavco.org
Fri Apr 16 09:10:33 MDT 2004

Dear colleagues,

PBO received approximately 25 pages of comments on the version 0.2 
draft data management plan.  The unedited comments may be viewed in the 
pbo-dcomm mailing list archives at


We want to thank Duncan Agnew, Zuheir Altamimi, John Beavan, Yehuda 
Bock, Fran Boler, Jim Davis, Tom Herring, Sharon Kedar, Bob King, 
Kristine Larson, Mark Murray, Keith Stark, and Frank Webb for their 
written comments.

We have digested their comments and written a detailed response 
document, which we are using to prepare the next draft data management 
plan for PBO Standing Committee review.  The document is available on 
the PBO Data Management web page at


or directly at


We encourage all interested community members to read the comment and 
reply document and send written comments to pbo-dcomm at unavco.org.  All 
comments e-mailed to that address will be automatically posted to a 
public web page (http://pbo.unavco.org/mailman/listinfo/pbo-dcomm/) 
with e-mail headers processed into a human-readable, but not 
computer-readable, form to thwart e-mail harvesters.

Greg Anderson, Mike Jackson, and Will Prescott

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