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Mark Murray mhmurray at seismo.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 23 17:17:05 MDT 2004

Staff Research Associate Position: Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) maintains a regional
network of geophysical instruments including seismometers, GPS
(Global Positioning System), strainmeters, and other sensors. Data
from these networks are used for earthquake monitoring and
research. The BSL also operates the Northern California Earthquake
Data Center (NCEDC), an "on-line" public archive for various types
of digital data relating to earthquakes, including continuous and
event based seismic waveforms, continuous and survey-mode GPS, and
other geodetic data. An important component of the operation of
these networks and the archive is the review and analysis of data
as well as steps to evaluate and ensure data quality. 

The successful applicant will assist in the performance of data
acquisition, processing, and archiving/distribution procedures,
with a primary focus on the geodetic data. Responsibilities will
include: performing tasks related to data retrieval and data
quality control for the BSL seismic and geodetic networks;
performing tasks related to data processing; participating in data
achiving activities at the NCEDC; developing or enhancing software
to improve data retrieval and real-time processing, web-based
distribution procedures, and maintain data integrity; and working
with BSL staff to troubleshoot and resolve telecommunications
problems with remote stations. 

Requirements & Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or extensive
background in a physical science or engineering. Knowledge of Unix
and programming experience in C, Perl, and Unix shell environment
required. Duties require attention to detail and ability to follow
through and track multiple problems. Ability to work in a team
environment and to interact effectively with diverse groups.
Experience in time-series analysis, knowledge of database systems,
and/or real-time data acquisition systems preferred.

We are currently reviewing applications and will continue until the
position is filled. For more information, please see:


The University of California is an equal opportunity, affirmative
action employer.

 Dr. Mark H. Murray
 Berkeley Seismological Laboratory     Office:   (510) 642 2601
 215 McCone Hall                       Lab:      (510) 642 3977
 University of California              Fax:      (510) 643 5811
 Berkeley, CA 94720-4760           mhmurray at seismo.berkeley.edu

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