[unav_all] New US Policy: Space-based Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Ruth E. Neilan ruth.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 22 14:21:09 MST 2004

Dear colleagues,

This message draws your attention to the new US policy released last 
week by the White House concerning Space-based Positioning, 
Navigation and Timing Policy.

Here is a link to the fact sheet at the Office of Science, Technology 
and Policy (OSTP):

A read through reveals that the main changes between this and the 
policy of 1996 are aimed at the management structure of GPS. 
Affirmation of fundamental principles and related goals and 
objectives are addressed.   An Executive Committee is to be formed 
and will be supported by a new National Coordination Office.  Agency 
roles and responsibilities are identified or reiterated in detail. 
This document demonstrates that the US is clearly committed to 
ensuring that GPS is a reliable global utility for legitimate civil 
uses, even as all GNSS evolve, modernization of GPS and GLONASS and 
the emergence of the new Galileo.

Kind regards, happy holidays,

Ruth Neilan


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