[unav_all] Tragedy in Sumatra & South East Asia

Ruth E. Neilan ruth.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 27 14:33:29 MST 2004

Dear colleagues,

While preparing to send a message for New Year, the tragic news of 
the earthquake off the coast of Sumatra and devastating tsunami 
affecting the entire region was received.

On behalf of the IGS, many thoughts and prayers to all of our 
colleagues and their families and loved ones in these affected 
regions.  Such a natural disaster touches each of us, and the scale 
and extent of this is just unbelievable.  Many of us within the IGS 
have worked in these countries and know people there  - Sumatra, 
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Kenya, Somalia, and 
the islands of Seychelles, Maruitius, Reunion.

While wishing each of you all the best in the coming New Year, keep 
these people in your hearts  and minds -  many lives are changed 
forever and it will take a globally concerted effort over a long time 
to restore any semblance of normalcy.

It is with a heavy heart that I extend wishes for speedy recovery 
from this disaster and  hopes for peace and prosperity in the New 

sincere regards - Ruth  Neilan

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