[unav_all] Updated PBO website - Strainmeter borehole drilling in the Pacific Northwest

Mike Jackson jackson at unavco.org
Wed Nov 3 11:54:39 MST 2004

Members of the UNAVCO and EarthScope community:

I would also like to alert members of the community to literally ground
breaking activities for our organization.  On November 1st, 2004 we started
drilling our first strainmeter hole in the Pacific Northwest.  The site is
located near Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula.  This location will host
3-borehole strainmeter systems, separated by a few hundred meters, and will
be used to image periodic slow slip events identified by researchers in the
Pacific Northwest.  We have updated the PBO web site at
http://pbo.unavco.org/ with daily updates of the drilling activities and
there is a webcam set up  http://pbo.unavco.org/webcam/ so you can view
activities at the site.    

Please visit the PBO website (http://pbo.unavco.org/) for updates on this
important EarthScope activity.  The Plate Boundary Observatory is the
geodetic component of EarthScope and is funded by the National Science


Mike Jackson

Michael E. Jackson, Ph.D
Director, Plate Boundary Observatory
6350 Nautilus Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301
303 381 7554 (wk)
303 888 0718 (cell)
jackson at unavco.org 

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