[unav_all] Updated PBO website - Augustine Volcano Installations

Mike Jackson jackson at unavco.org
Thu Sep 9 19:50:59 MDT 2004

Members of the UNAVCO and EarthScope community:

Between September 1 through the 25th, 2004, PBO personnel will 
install seven short-drilled braced GPS stations in and around 
Augustine volcano in the Cook Inlet of Alaska to better characterize 
volcano magma plumbing systems, dynamics of intrusive and 
eruptive processes, volcanic unrest, and eruption prediction.  
Short drilled-braced monuments are used because they are highly 
stable, can be installed with hand tools, and the materials can 
be readily transported by helicopter.   Weatherproof huts will 
be used to house rechargeable and one-time use backup batteries 
as well as all station electronics.  Data will be relayed from 
the volcano to a University of Alaska and Alaska Volcano 
Observatory communications hut in Homer and from there through 
the Internet to the PBO headquarters in Boulder CO.  

Please visit the PBO website (http://pbo.unavco.org/) for 
updates on this important EarthScope activity


Mike Jackson

Michael E. Jackson, Ph.D
Director, Plate Boundary Observatory
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