[unav_all] EarthScope Voyager

Michael Hamburger hamburg at indiana.edu
Tue Apr 12 15:09:11 MDT 2005

Friends of EarthScope (with apologies for multiple listings):	

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new web-based map tool
designed to make EarthScope-related data and resources more accessible
to researchers and students.  The ‘EarthScope Voyager, Jr’
(http://jules.unavco.org/VoyagerJr/EarthScope) is the North American
counterpart of the Jules Verne Voyager, Jr
(http://jules.unavco.org/VoyagerJr/Earth), which provides user-friendly
access to global map data.  They are part of the Voyager map suite, a
large suite of web-based map tools, whose portal is at the UNAVCO
website (http://jules.unavco.org/).  We encourage you to take the
EarthScope Voyager out for a test drive, provide us with some feedback,
and, ultimately, participate in its development.

EarthScope Voyager provides users with a wide variety of base maps,
geographic and geophysical overlays, and a unique suite of over 5,000
observed and modeled surface deformation vectors that can be viewed in
one of numerous frames of reference.  The ‘Junior’ editions of the map
tools provide easy access by multiple simultaneous users to
pre-configured maps and overlays at four levels of zoom; the ‘Senior’
edition (http://jules.unavco.org/Voyager/EarthScope) uses a server-side
map creation system that allows users to specify all parameters and
produce output in either Postscript or GIF format.

A new feature of the EarthScope Voyager is a series of educational
modules, dubbed "Did You Know?", which are linked to the EarthScope map
tools, and which provide educational users with background information
on scientific issues being addressed by the EarthScope project.
Ultimately, we hope to provide ‘DYK’ modules related to each of several
dozen EarthScope study areas across the continent.  A prototype module,
for the Long Valley Caldera/eastern Sierra Nevada
can be accessed from the EarthScope Voyager map tool.

Okay, here’s where you come in:  we are seeking help from the community:
(1) feedback on the map tools themselves (what works, what doesn’t,
recommended additions)
(2) feedback on the "Did You Know" modules (content, format, ideas for
further development); and
(3) contributions to the modules from researchers with interest and
expertise in specific EarthScope study areas.

We can’t do it without your help!  We welcome any and all contributions!
  Comments (constructive or otherwise) can be sent to esv at ls.unavco.org,
where they will be shared with the development team.

Thanks for your interest!

The ESV Development Team
    Michael Hamburger and Anne Hereford (Indiana University)
    Lou Estey, Chuck Meertens, and Susan Eriksson (UNAVCO)
    Bill Holt and Glenn Richard (Stony Brook University)
    Marianne Weingroff (DLESE)

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