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Jeff Freymueller jeff at giseis.alaska.edu
Wed Aug 10 18:06:11 MDT 2005

UNAVCO Community,

It took longer than expected, but I have finally finished my letter 
about the Aleutian decision, and would like to solicit co-signers for 
it. Be sure you read the exchange of letters that describe NSF's 
decision and the response of the PBO Standing Committee and the 
EarthScope Facilities Executive Committee. Read them at the EarthScope 
Documents archive 
(http://www.earthscope.org/links_pubs/documents.shtml), and if you 
agree with my letter please agree to be a co-signer. My hope is that a 
substantial number of people will agree to be co-signers to show where 
the broader community stands. Criticism and debate are also welcome if 
you disagree with my letter.

I intend to send this letter to NSF this Friday (hence the date in the 
letter), but I will maintain a list of co-signers so if you can't reply 
before Friday you can still get on the list and I will produce an 
updated list as appropriate.

The letter can be accessed at 


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