[unav_all] Request for Letters of Interest in Handling PBO Borehole Seismic Data

Greg Anderson anderson at unavco.org
Fri Dec 16 16:09:47 MST 2005

Dear colleague,

UNAVCO seeks a partner organization to develop, implement, and  
operate an end-to-end management system for telemetered and manually  
retrieved data from a 103-station borehole seismic network in the  
western United States.  This work is part of the NSF-funded  
EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory project.

Each station comprises a three-component 2-Hz borehole seismometer, a  
Kinemetrics Q330 data logger, a Linux Baler or Marmot as an external  
data buffer, and an IP telemetry system based either on satellite or  
direct Internet connections.  The seismometers currently operate  
continuously at 100 samples/second, but may be converted to telemeter  
data at a lower rate, while collecting 200 sample/second data on the  
external buffer for later manual retrieval.

UNAVCO wishes to develop and implement an end-to-end transport,  
quality checking, and archiving system for these data.  This includes  
retrieval of telemetered data from the remote stations to a central  
data center in near real-time, distribution of raw data to the  
community in near-real time, quality checking of raw data, and long- 
term archiving and distribution of both raw and quality-checked  
data.  It also includes the ability to handle non-telemetered data  
received at a later time.

We encourage any interested organization to send an e-mail to Greg  
Anderson, PBO Data Products Manager, at anderson at unavco.org.  The e- 
mail should provide full contact information and indicate your  
interest.  Please send such e-mails by 23 December 2005.  If you  
require additional information, please contact Greg Anderson at  
anderson at unavco.org or 303-381-7555.

Greg Anderson, Ph.D., PBO Data Products Manager
UNAVCO, Inc. / 6350 Nautilus Drive / Boulder, CO 80301
303-381-7555 (work) / 303-381-7552 (fax) / 303-775-3194 (cell)
anderson at unavco.org            http://pbo.unavco.org

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