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International Opportunity for Graduate Students in Volcanology:
US-Russia-Japan Partnership in Volcanological Research and Education
From: Jeff Freymueller <jeff at giseis.alaska.edu>

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) announces the availability of 
summer internships for graduate students from other US universities in
seismology, crustal deformation, igneous petrology, and physical 
Successful applicants will become members of a US-Russia-Japan team 
the response of crustal magma systems to catastrophic decompression at
Bezymianny and Sheveluch Volcanoes, Kamchatka, Russia, and Mount St 
Washington. The research is especially timely in view of renewed 
activity at Mount St Helens. The 5-year project is part of the National 
Foundation’s new program, Partners in International Research and 
(PIRE), which seeks to introduce US graduate students to internationally
collaborative science. The ideal student participant will be at an 
early or
middle stage of her or his PhD program, be physically and mentally 
prepared for
rigorous field investigations under difficult conditions, and have a 
interest in international collaboration and understanding. It is also 
that the student’s major advisor share an interest in the research and,
although not a requirement, that the work can become a component of the
student’s PhD program. Additional information and application forms can 
obtained at www.uaf.edu/geology. The deadline for application is March 
1, and
the 2006 field team will be chosen by April 1.

Jeff Freymueller, jeff at giseis.alaska.edu
John Eichelberger, eich at gi.alaska.edu

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