[unav_all] Sumatra Earthquake

William Prescott prescott at unavco.org
Tue Jan 4 15:23:03 MST 2005

Subject: Sumatra Earthquake
To:      UNAVCO Community
From:    Will Prescott, Chuck Meertens, Steve Fisher, UNAVCO
Date:    4 January 2005

The recent earthquake in the Indian Ocean presents a not uncommon 
paradox for earthquake scientists. We share the concern for the 
victims. At the same time, these events provide rare opportunities to 
learn something about the earth that might reduce the risk of such 
events in the future.

Jeff Freymueller has contacted UNAVCO about the availability of 
receivers for monitoring post-seismic effects from this event. UNAVCO 
is ready to assist Jeff and any others in responding to this 

However, the discussions between Jeff, and several people here at 
UNAVCO, raised a broader issue. Would there would be some value in a 
more coordinated response from all of those people interested in the 

To this end, I encourage those interested to let the rest of us know 
about your current activities and future plans for work related to 
the Sumatra event. This is an opportunity to begin thinking about a 
more coordinated effort in this part of the world.

UNAVCO has set up a mailing list address (mailto:sumatra at unavco.org) 
that people can use to exchange information related to the event. You 
can subscribe to the list by visiting the page: 

This invitation to share your plans and progress is open to anyone 
interested in the event, including our colleagues in the affected 

We extend our sympathy to all of the people in the area who are 
beginning the New Year with such terrible losses and problems.

Will Prescott
Chuck Meertens
Steve Fisher

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