[unav_all] AGU Spring 2005 Special Sessions

William Prescott prescott at unavco.org
Mon Jan 17 15:46:11 MST 2005

Subject: AGU Spring 2005 Special Sessions
To:      UNAVCO Community
From:    William Prescott, President, UNAVCO
Date:    17 January 2005

Every year at this time, UNAVCO gets a number of requests from 
individuals to send announcements about particular AGU Spring Meeting 
Special Sessions. Rather than send separate announcements for 
individual Special Sessions, I would like to take this opportunity to 
call your attention to a number of sessions of interest to the UNAVCO 

The Spring AGU meeting will be held in New Orleans on 23-27 May 2005 
and is a joint meeting with several other societies (No. Amer. 
Benthological Soc., Soc. Explor. Geophy., Solar Phys. Div. Amer. 
Astro. Soc.).

The abstract deadline is the 3rd or 10th of February 2005 (mail, 
web). Pre-registration deadline is 20 April 2005.

For more information about the Spring 2005 AGU Meeting, please visit 
the Spring Meeting web site at http://www.agu.org/meetings/sm05/

The appended list includes many sessions that may be of interest to 
UNAVCO Community members. Please forgive me if your favorite Special 
Session is not on this list. The complete list is available on the 
Meeting web site by following the link to Program and Abstracts.

Thank you,
Will Prescott

G01: 	Geodesy General Contributions
G02: 	Regional and Global-Scale Plate Kinematics and Dynamics from 
Geodetic, Geological, and Geophysical Observations
G03: 	Subsidence of South-Central North America
G04: 	Integrating Geodetic, Geologic and Geophysical Data in 
Extensional Plate Boundary Zones
G05: 	Hydrology from Space: Applications of Space Geodesy to 
Problems in Surface and Sub-Surface Water Flow and Storage
G06: 	Wireless Sensor Networks for Earth Process Characterization 
and Natural Hazard Mitigation
G07: 	Surface Deformation on Active and Quiescent Stratovolcanoes: 
Cyclic Deformation, Pre- and Post-Eruption Signals, and Relationship 
to Magmatic Processes
G08: 	Strike-Slip Faulting: Combining Data and Modeling
G09: 	Recent Accomplishments of the GRACE Mission
G10: 	Geologic and Geodetic Constraints on Geodynamic Models
G11: 	Commercial Applications of Remote Sensing Data
ED01: 	Education and Human Resources General Contributions
ED02: 	Diversity and Equity in the Earth and Space Sciences: Jobs in 
the Geosciences for a Diverse Labor Force
ED03: 	Scientist/Educator Partnerships: A Paradigm for Successful 
Education and Public Outreach Programs
ED04: 	Geoscience Education and Outreach in the Americas: 
Opportunities for North-South Collaboration
ED05: 	Natural Hazards of the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Region
ED06: 	An Analysis of the Impact of Education Reform from "A Nation 
at Risk" to "No Child Left Behind" on science education
ED07: 	Bright STaRS: Students Training as Research Scientists
ED08: 	K-16 Educator Support for Teaching Earth and Space Sciences
ED09: 	Space Physics in the Undergraduate Curriculum
ED10: 	Great Ideas for Integrating Earth and Space Science Education
S02: 	Earthquake 0.5: Frontiers in Microseismic Monitoring
S03: 	Monitoring Fluid Flow in and Around Fault Zones
S08: 	The 23 October 2004, Chuetsu Earthquakes and Related Disasters, Niigata, Japan
U01: 	External Triggering of Natural Disasters.
U04: 	Seismic Exploration and Marine Animals.
U05: 	How Emerging Technologies Can Advance the Frontiers in the Geosciences
U07: 	Earth Science and Civilization in the Americas

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