[unav_all] Meeting Announcement

Rob Reilinger reilinge at erl.mit.edu
Thu Jan 20 08:29:22 MST 2005

Dear Colleagues-  We would like to call your attention to the 
International Symposium on the Geodynamics of the Eastern 
Mediterranean: Active Tectonics of the Aegean, being held at Kadir 
Has University, Istanbul, Turkey from 15-18 June, 2005.  Recent 
advances in unraveling the tectonics of this region of complex plate 
interactions (active subduction, continental collision, major 
continental transform faulting) promise to make this an exciting 
event, not to mention the spectacular venue provided by the city of 

You can find more information on the meeting at:

Abstract information (due 15 February) is provided under the 
"DOWNLOAD" option. Please contact Tuncay or me if you have any 
questions or need additional information about the meeting.

Best regards,
Rob Reilinger

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