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William Prescott prescott at unavco.org
Thu Jun 16 09:40:25 MDT 2005

To:      UNAVCO Community
From:    William Prescott, UNAVCO President
Subject: EarthScope PBO Campaign GPS Pool and GeoEarthScope
Date:    16 June 2005

I would like to remind you that the deadline for proposals to this 
year's EarthScope Announcement of Opportunity is rapidly approaching. 
The deadline is July 16th, 2005. Details of the AO can be found at 

In particular, I call your attention to two aspects of this announcement.

1) Portable GPS Receivers
There is a pool of portable GPS receivers and ancillary equipment 
available to support science investigations that address EarthScope 
science goals.

2) EarthScope Imagery and Geochronology
The EarthScope program invites proposals that include the acquisition 
of aerial and satellite imagery and geochronology that will examine 
the strain field beyond the decade time scales available from the PBO 
geodetic instrumentation. A goal of EarthScope is the improved 
understanding of the tectonic evolution of the North American 
continent. Identifying and understanding deformation rates in all 
tectonic regimes is critical to reaching that goal. Proposals should 
indicate how the imagery or geochronology will contribute to the 
success of EarthScope.

The proposal deadline for all EarthScope proposals is July 16th, 2005.

PIs may request UNAVCO help with budgeting or planning by using the 
project request form at http://achaia.unavco.org/support.aspx
or by e-mail <email:support at unavco.org>.

Best wishes,
Will Prescott

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