[unav_all] Project Engineer Job Opening in Boulder, CO

Rose Blas blas at unavco.org
Tue Mar 15 17:25:48 MST 2005

Job Announcement: 
Project Engineer: PBO Nucleus and Campaign Support in Boulder, Colorado

UNAVCO invites applications for the position of Plate Boundary Observatory
(PBO) PROJECT ENGINEER to work at our UNAVCO Office in Boulder, Colorado.  


1. Supports National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored Earth science
research projects involving the Global Positioning System (GPS). 

2. Coordinates GPS research projects with Project Manager and Investigators,
including planning and executing high precision GPS surveys and permanent
GPS station installations at locations in the Western U.S. and
internationally; documenting station configurations and data collection
strategies; identifying and solving technical issues related to hardware,
software, and data communications; training field staff; trouble-shooting
hardware, software and logistics problems; and reporting.

3. Determines, implements, and documents technical specifications for
continuous station installation, maintenance and repair for specific
projects, including all issues associated with data communications (e.g.,
wireless, satellite-based VSAT, phone line, and RS-232), computer systems,
and power requirements.

4. Assists in the design, fabrication, integration, testing, documentation
and repair of hardware and software necessary to support GPS projects,
technology demonstration initiatives, and other special projects.   


1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Geodesy, Geophysics,
Physics, or Geology and three years of related work experience, or an
equivalent combination of education and experience.

2. Skill in field engineering project management, including GPS scientific
research programs and projects.

3. Knowledge of GPS error sources and ability to design GPS surveys and
process data to achieve high precision results.

4. Operational knowledge of permanent GPS stations and GPS and geodetic
survey instrumentation.

5. Broad range of computer skills using UNIX, Linux, DOS and Windows OS and
applications, networking, data communications, interfacing using protocols
such as TCP, UDP, PPP and the RS232 serial interfaces.

6. Basic level knowledge of computer programming (C, Java, Perl, Python) and
web development (HTML, XML); PowerPoint; standard personal computer
software; and e-mail, internet, and web interfaces, and ability to write and
troubleshoot CGI scripts for remote data communications and interfacing with
GPS receivers. 

7. Knowledge of Geodesy in applications related to the UNAVCO mission.

8. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English to facilitate
work with technical and non-technical associates.

9. Skills in using hand tools and standard test and repair equipment.

10. Skills in budgeting, purchasing, coordination of schedules, and
management of travel.

11. Valid driver's license and current passport.

12. Willingness to travel for extended periods of time, up to 6 months per
year, international and domestic.

13. Ability and willingness to work in difficult physical conditions, e.g.
to lift and carry up to 50 lbs over one mile in rough terrain.


UNAVCO (http://www.unavco.org) is a non-profit membership-governed
consortium funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  UNAVCO's mission is to support
and promote high-precision measurement techniques for the advancement of
Earth Sciences.  Member organizations are primarily research universities
who study deformation of the Earth's crust, addressing mechanisms for large
and small scale tectonic features and processes, such as earthquakes,
volcanoes, plate motion, faulting and folding, and mountain building.

UNAVCO offers a very competitive set of benefits including medical, dental
and vision insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, life
insurance, and employer contributions to TIAA-CREF. Starting salaries will
be commensurate with responsibilities and experience.

To Apply: Please visit our website
http://achaia.unavco.org/public/careers/searchjobs.asp to submit your
curriculum vitae, and a statement of experience and interest.

Please feel free to forward this message to co-workers and friends who might
have interests and capabilities consistent with the available position and
post this notice on any local job opportunity boards.

UNAVCO is an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a highly
qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our nation.

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