[unav_all] Proposals Due for IAG Sessions at IUGG 2007 in Perugia, Italy

Jeff Freymueller jfreymue at gi.alaska.edu
Fri Sep 2 13:10:11 MDT 2005

In my capacity as the US National Correspondent to the IAG, I want to 
let everyone know that the deadline for proposing IAG symposia or 
inter-union symposia for the next IUGG meeting (2007 in Perugia, Italy) 
is fast approaching. I was not aware of it myself until last week! And 
yes, I agree that this is a very long lead time for organizing sessions 
for a meeting.

The procedure is that session proposals are due from the IAG Commission 
Presidents to the IAG Secretary-General on September 10. The 
Secretary-General has the responsibility of sorting through these and 
coming up with the final list of sessions, which will be then taken to 
the IUGG Program Committee. So if you want to organize a session for 
the IUGG meeting, you should send a proposal to the appropriate 
Commission President for consideration. I have listed the Commissions 
and Presidents below. Nominally, "Tectonics and Crustal Deformation" 
falls under Commission 3, although many of us will find that our 
research overlaps Commissions 1 and 4 as well (and some in Commission 
2).  I have included the emails of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents 
if I have them handy -- I'm sure you can find the others if you need 

So if you have ideas for sessions, please send them to the appropriate 
Commission President as soon as possible so they can be considered.

There is also a lot more information about IAG on the IAG web site 
(http://www.iag-aig.org). That has more complete descriptions of the 
subjects covered by the Commissions, information on upcoming meetings 
and lots of other stuff. Check it out.

Secretary-General:  Christian C. Tscherning (Denmark)

Commission 1 - Reference Frames
President: Hermann Drewes (Germany) Vice President: C.K. Shum (USA)
drewes at dgfi.badw.de
ckshum at OSU.EDU

Commission 2 - Gravity Field
President: Christopher Jekeli (USA) Vice President: Ilias Tziavos 

Commission 3 - Geodynamics and Earth Rotation
President: Véronique Dehant (Belgium) Vice President: Mike Bevis
Veronique.Dehant at oma.be
mbevis at osu.edu

Commission 4 - Positioning & Applications
President: Chris Rizos (Australia) Vice President: Pascal Willis 
Pascal.R.Willis at jpl.nasa.gov


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