[unav_all] Raw data from EarthScope PBO strainmeters now available

Greg Anderson anderson at unavco.org
Fri Sep 16 13:22:30 MDT 2005

Dear colleague,

UNAVCO is pleased to announce, along with our partners at the 
University of California, San Diego (UCSD), the IRIS Data Management 
Center (IRIS DMC), and the Northern California Earthquake Data Center 
(NCEDC) at the University of California, Berkeley, that the first raw 
strainmeter data from the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory are now 

Data are available from three PBO borehole stations installed on the 
Olympic Peninsula, Washington state (P403, B004, and B001); from the 
first PBO laser strainmeter installed at Durmid Hill, along the 
southern San Andreas fault (DHL2); and from the previously operating 
Glendale-Verdugo strainmeter (GVS1), located near the Sierra Madre 
Fault.  Installation and operation of B001, B004, P403, and the DHL2 
strainmeter are supported by the National Science Foundation through 
the PBO element of the EarthScope project, while GVS1 operations are 
now supported by the NSF through the PBO Nucleus project.

PBO data collection from the two laser strainmeters began 1 June 2005, 
and the three borehole strainmeter stations began collecting data in 
late June.  Raw data files from the laser strainmeters are available in 
the native format of the Ice Nine logger.  Raw data files from the 
borehole strainmeters are available in the native bottle file format of 
the Gladwin tensor strainmeter logger.  In addition, raw data from both 
instruments are available in SEED format, enabling users of the data to 
generate requests for these data with existing data center request 
mechanisms, thereby allowing a user to sort, delimit, and group these 
data jointly with all the appropriately related environmental sensor 
data that is collected in addition to the raw strain data.

Ice Nine and bottle data are available from the PBO strainmeter 
archives at NCEDC and IRIS DMC from the following URLs:

   NCEDC:     http://www.ncedc.org/pbo/raw
   IRIS DMC:  http://www.iris.edu/pbo/

SEED data are available using all the traditional SEED request 
mechanisms from IRIS DMC and NCEDC:

   IRIS DMC:  http://www.iris.edu/data/data.htm
   NCEDC:	 http://www.ncedc.org/ncedc/access.html

These raw data are processed by two Analysis Centers.  The Borehole 
Strainmeter Analysis Center is operated by UNAVCO at the PASSCAL 
Instrument Center in Socorro, NM, and the Laser Strainmeter Analysis 
Center is operated by UCSD.  These centers created cleaned and 
calibrated strain time series, in XML format, that will be available 
from the PBO strainmeter archives before the end of September 2005.  We 
will send a separate message, including links to data, formats, and 
parsing codes, when those data are available.

For more information, please visit the PBO web site 
(http://pboweb.unavco.org) or contact Greg Anderson, PBO Data Products 
Manager, at (303) 381-7555 or anderson at unavco.org.

The Plate Boundary Observatory is the geodetic component of EarthScope, 
operated by UNAVCO and funded by the National Science Foundation.  
EarthScope is funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted 
in partnership with the US Geological Survey and NASA.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson, Ph.D., PBO Data Products Manager
UNAVCO, Inc. / 6350 Nautilus Drive / Boulder, CO 80301
303-381-7555 (work) / 303-381-7552 (fax) / 303-775-3194 (cell)
anderson at unavco.org			http://pbo.unavco.org

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