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Tue Dec 19 22:09:53 MST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

We'd like to call your attention to the following special session for 
the 2007 Seismological Society of America annual meeting, April 11-13 
in Kona, Hawaii.  Abstracts are due January 12, 2007.  More 
information on the meeting can be found at: 

Sincerely yours,

Andrea Donnellan and Jeff Freymueller

Mechanisms for Postseismic Deformation Determined through 
Observations and Modeling
Postseismic deformation, which may amount to a substantial amount of 
an earthquake's coseismic displacement, occurs through a variety of 
mechanisms. Important postseismic deformation mechanisms may include 
fault afterslip, viscoelastic relaxation, or poroelastic rebound, 
with timescales ranging from days to decades.  Postseismic processes 
are likely non-linear and stress dependent rather than linear, as 
typically assumed. Discriminating between the processes requires 
precise, detailed measurements, in the timeframe near to the event 
and for years to decades following the event. We invite contributions 
showing postseismic observations on various timescales following 
earthquakes, such as from GPS and InSAR, as well as models of 
postseismic processes. Both observational and theoretical studies are 
welcomed. Contributions showing measurement strategies and 
requirements for revisit times are also encouraged.

Andrea Donnellan
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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E-mail: Andrea.Donnellan at jpl.nasa.gov

Jeff Freymueller
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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E-mail: jeff at iseis.alaska.edu

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