[unav_all] SSA Special Session on borehole networks

Greg Anderson anderson at unavco.org
Thu Dec 21 15:40:33 MST 2006

Dear colleagues,

We would like to highlight the following special session at the 2007  
Seismological Society of America meeting, 11-13 April in Kona,  
Hawaii.  The abstract deadline is 12 January 2007, and you can find  
more information at the meeting web site,


or by contacting either of us.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Anderson and David Mencin

Integrated Borehole Geodetic and Seismic Networks: A Developing Tool  
for Earth Science

Development and growth of large integrated borehole geodetic and  
seismic networks, such as the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory  
in North America, HiNET in Japan and the Taiwanese network operated  
by the Central Geological Survey, present new opportunities and  
challenges for the solid earth sciences.  For example, temporal and  
spatial resolution of slow slip events, scaling relationships between  
small and large earthquakes, and detection and modeling of possible  
earthquake precursors are all improved through the integrated use of  
borehole and surface techniques. At the same time, these networks  
produce large volumes of data with attendant data management  
requirements, and current modeling techniques may need to broadened  
to take full advantage of these data along with those from surface  

This session will discuss will discuss all aspects of such networks  
including data access, formats, analysis, calibrations methods, as  
well as integrated research using such data. We welcome contributions  
that touch on any of the above and related topics, especially those  
that integrate data from multiple instrument platforms.


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