[unav_all] UNAVCO Science Workshop

William Prescott prescott at unavco.org
Mon Jan 9 18:12:57 MST 2006

UNAVCO Community:

We would like to invite you to attend the UNAVCO Science Workshop being held
March 14 - 16, 2006 in Denver, Colorado.  Plenary sessions include:

* Imaging with InSAR and LIDAR (Chair: Gerald Bawden)
* Observing and modeling transient tectonics (Chair: Tony Lowry)
* Continental Deformation and Hazards (Chair: Giovanni Sella)
* GNSS Geodesy - Achieving and Utilizing mm global geodesy (Chair: Tom Herring)

Field trip:    Red Rocks Park
Guest Speaker: Dennis Mileti
Venue:         Historic Denver Brown Palace Hotel
Meeting Chairs:
Mark Tamisiea, Herb Dragert, Evelyn Roeloffs

Please consider attending. Abstracts are solicited for poster 
presentation in any area of research, education, or outreach  of 
interest to the UNAVCO community. Abstract and registration deadline 
is January 27th, 2006.

To register please visit:


More information can also be found on this website, or contact Jaime 
Magliocca <magliocca at unavco.org> 303-381-7510.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Will Prescott
President, UNAVCO

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