[unav_all] Semiannual member equipment purchase now open

Steve Fisher fisher at unavco.org
Tue Nov 28 12:02:24 MST 2006

Dear UNAVCO Member,

This is an announcement that the February semiannual equipment purchase is
now open, which allows members to pool orders for volume discounts on
Trimble and Topcon equipment. Those of you intending to participate should
notify the manufacturer's representatives listed below as soon as possible.
The order deadline is February 28, 2007. 

For Trimble:
Dave Newcomer
dave_newcomer at trimble.com
Tel. 724-272-1577

For Topcon:
Steve Briggs
sbriggs at topcon.com
Tel. 561-998-8010

Please note that if you are located outside of the US you may be referred to
a local dealer or distributor for service and support, and pricing may
differ from equipment shipped within the US. Please contact the
manufacturer's representatives for details.

More information on UNAVCO member equipment purchases can be found on the
UNAVCO web site. Please contact support at unavco.org with any related

Steve Fisher
303-381-7481 Desk
303-381-7500 Main
fisher at unavco.org

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