[unav_all] Fall AGU 2007: G14 - Africa and its Margins as Observed by Space-Geodetic Techniques

Rui Manuel da Silva Fernandes rmanuel at di.ubi.pt
Sun Aug 5 23:55:37 MDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,
(with apologies for any cross posting)
We'd like to invite you to submit a contributed abstract for session G14 
: "Africa and its Margins as Observed by Space-Geodetic Techniques" at 
the next 2007 Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco.  Our goal is bring 
together researchers with different backgrounds that can contribute for 
the development of the research about Africa and its margins using 
space-geodetic techniques. Please, distribute this information among all 
colleagues potential interested and feel free to contact us.

*Africa and its margins as observed by space-geodetic techniques*

The limited number and uneven distribution of available space-geodetic 
observing systems still pose enormous constraints on research being 
carried out in Africa using space-geodetic techniques. However, recent 
efforts by many groups are contributing to significantly improve and 
densify the geometric distribution of such systems for scientific 
research and technical applications in this continent.

This session intends to cover such recent developments, focusing in 
particular on the present-day tectonics of Africa and the issues related 
with the definition of a common reference frame for the entire continent.

Africa is divided into two major tectonic units: Nubia and Somalia, 
possibly bordering other minor tectonic units. We invite contributions 
focused not only on this boundary but also on the other margins of the 
African continent (e.g. the Nubia-Eurasia plate boundary).

The materialization of AFREF, the new reference frame of Africa, needs 
correct and accurate methodologies that should overcome the difficulties 
related with the scarcity of stations and the dimension of the 
individual countries and the entire continent. Therefore, we also invite 
papers dealing with the implementation of such reference frames, both at 
continental, regional and national levels, in particular for Africa.

Finally, we also welcome studies on other scientific topics based on the 
use of space-geodetic techniques in Africa (e.g., atmospheric studies).

Deadline for abstract submissions: Sept. 6, 2007. 
More information can be found at http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm07/ 
All the best,
Rui Fernandes, Ludwig Combrink, Zuheir Altamimi

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