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Eric T. Sundquist esundqui at usgs.gov
Fri Aug 31 09:07:37 MDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

I'm writing to alert UNAVCO listserv members who might be
interested in submitting an abstract for session U-14, "Global Earth
Observations: Looking 50 Years Back and 50 Years Forward," at the AGU
Fall Meeting, December 10-14, 2007, in San Francisco.

A brief description of the session is appended below.  The idea is to
provide a forum for considering the urgent scientific challenge of
long-term global Earth observations in the context of lessons learned
from past experience.  Consideration of the adequacies/inadequacies of
past, current and planned observing systems is encouraged, including
consideration of aspects such as resource limitations, international
arrangements, and policy interactions.  (The 50-year time horizons are
meant to encourage expansive thinking, but shorter memories and
prospects will, of course, be honored.)

Apologies for any multiple notifications.  The broad scope of this
session necessitates communicating through several mailing lists.

Abstracts for the meeting must be submitted to AGU by September 6.  The
web address for abstract submission is

Thanks for your consideration.

Eric Sundquist

Session U14: Global Earth Observations: Looking 50 Years Back and 50
Years Forward

The International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957-1958 launched a new era
of global Earth observations. The observational legacy of the IGY is
conspicuous in many ongoing global programs, including those that
demonstrate the accelerating impact and vulnerability of human
activities. The need for monitoring the Earth is now more acute than
ever, and the development and implementation of useful long-term global
observations is one of the major scientific challenges of our time. This
session will document the lessons learned from global observations in
recent decades, and apply these lessons to analysis of current and
future needs. Invited and contributed talks will address space-based,
air-based, ground-based, and water-based observations of the geosphere,
hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and cryosphere.

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