[unav_all] Last call for UNAVCO Science Highlights!

Chuck Meertens meertens at unavco.org
Fri Feb 9 17:27:35 MST 2007

Dear UNAVCO Community,

Many thanks to all of you who have already contributed one page 'Science 
Highlights' for the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory 5-year 
proposal and the UNAVCO NSF/NASA Facility and Community 5-year proposal. 
Contributed one-pagers emphasize the important research of our community 
in Earth and polar science and UNAVCO's support of this research.

To date, we have over 90 one-pagers, but we are aiming to increase that 
number by another 60. You and your colleagues can help us meet this 
goal. If you have not already done so, or would like to contribute 
again, please send us one or more one-page write-ups of your research 
projects.  Since both proposals are due in the mid-March/April 
timeframe, _your* *contribution by 21 February_ would be greatly 
appreciated.  We need enough time to edit them into the proposal format.__

As members of the greater UNAVCO GPS Community, you likely have 
benefited in some way from UNAVCO support including:

    * Used the Global GPS Network data and resulting IGS products
      (supported significantly by UNAVCO and JPL with NASA funding)
    * Borrowed Facility pool equipment
    * Purchased equipment under the manufacturer's special equipment
      discounts to UNAVCO members
    * Archived GPS data or used archive data or data products
    * Used data and data products from EarthScope PBO-installed GPS,
      seismic, strainmeter, or tiltmeter instruments
    * Used UNAVCO engineering support
    * Attended UNAVCO or EarthScope  science workshops
    * Used the WInSAR archive
    * Participated in UNAVCO Education and Outreach activities

These are the components in a typical one-pager:

1) Title
2) Author(s)
3) Affiliation(s)
4) Body: approximately 250 words (prefer MS Word for the text)
5) 1-2 Figures with captions (prefer JPG for the figures)
6) 2-3 References
7) Grant numbers for the research (if available)

_It's easy!_ Abstracts for scientific meetings along with the ancillary 
materials are entirely appropriate. We will do the editing and formatting.

You can find a sample one-pager at:


and a current list of contributions at:


Dr. Ani Tikku of RPI has agreed to collect these Science Highlights and 
do the editing for the proposal.  You can send your contribution 
directly to onepager at unavco.org <mailto:onepager at unavco.org>. 

I would like to thank you in advance for your important contribution to 
UNAVCO's future and personally look forward to learning more about your 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chuck Meertens, UNAVCO Facility Director
(and Interim UNAVCO President)
meertens at unavco.org <mailto:meertens at unavco.org>

Dr. Charles Meertens
UNAVCO Interim President
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO 80301-5554
Work Phone: 303-381-7465
chuckm at unavco.org

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