[unav_all] Subduction Zone processes union session at Joint Assembly

Andrew Newman anewman at gatech.edu
Thu Feb 15 10:52:28 MST 2007

We are soliciting abstracts for presentations for the following UNION 
session at the AGU joint Assembly, 22-25 May 2007.
(Please note that abstracts are due no later than 1 March!)

U08: Processes Controlling Earthquake Potential of Subduction Zones

The shallow subduction zone environment is responsible for ninety 
percent of all great earthquakes and can generate massive tsunamis. A 
surge of interest in large megathrust earthquakes followed the 
disastrous 2004 Sumatra event. Megathrust events raise new questions, 
such as: What are the similarities and differences between them? Are all 
subduction zones potential scenarios of megathrust earthquakes? How does 
interseismic strain accumulation evolve before the next major event? How 
does this relate to episodic and continual creep, and interface 
rheology? With advances in understanding of interface processes, are we 
gaining new insight about the unique character and potential of 
megathrust earthquakes?
     We encourage submissions that incorporate and integrate seismology, 
geodesy, and modeling, in order to better image or understand processes 
of subduction zones. Particular emphasis will be on observational and 
theoretical studies of earthquake seismology, ground deformation, fluid 
flow, heat exchange, and related phenomena. We intend to emphasize 
multidisciplinary studies that synthesize techniques and/or data to 
provide unique insights into a more complete understanding of 
seismogenesis along the subduction environment.

  R. Bilham, C. Lomnitz, C. E. Elliott, A. Newman, & J. Stankova
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