[unav_all] GeoEarthScope Geochronology Notice of Opportunity

David A.Phillips dap at unavco.org
Thu Jan 18 09:22:59 MST 2007

NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY: GeoEarthScope Geochronology RFP

In order to meet the goals of the EarthScope project, funded by the  
National Science Foundation, UNAVCO, Inc. intends to issue a Request  
for Proposals to identify organizations capable of providing  
geochronology services in support of the GeoEarthScope component of  
EarthScope. UNAVCO invites organizations that are interested in this  
opportunity to submit a Statement of Interest in order to be  
considered for inclusion in the RFP proposer’s list. The deadline for  
Statements of Interest is 26 January 2007.

Statements of Interest should include the following information:

• Organization name and affiliation.
• Point of contact.
• Geochronologic method(s) and age date product(s) the organization  
is capable of providing.
• A brief statement of the organization’s institutional resources,  
capabilities to provide geochronology services, and previously  
demonstrated ability to complete similar technical efforts.

Statements of Interest should be submitted by email to Dr. David  
Phillips, GeoEarthScope Project Manager, at phillips at unavco.org. For  
additional information, please contact Dr. Phillips by email or by  
telephone at 303-381-7471. Information is also available at http:// 

EarthScope is an Earth science program to explore the 4-dimensional  
structure of the North American continent. GeoEarthScope is a  
component of the EarthScope project that includes the acquisition of  
aerial and satellite imagery and geochronology. GeoEarthScope is  
managed at UNAVCO. UNAVCO, a non-profit, membership-governed  
consortium, supports and promotes Earth science by advancing high- 
precision techniques for the measurement and understanding of  
deformation. UNAVCO also supports education to meet the needs of the  
community and the public.

Nothing in this invitation should be construed as UNAVCO offering to  
pay for or reimburse proposal cost or to imply that an award will be  
made by UNAVCO.

   David A. Phillips, Ph.D.
   GeoEarthScope Project Manager
   6350 Nautilus Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
   Tel: 303-381-7471, Fax: 303-381-7451
   phillips at unavco.org

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