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Second Circular

The NRC Decadal Study ICESat-II Science Workshop

June 27-29, 2007

Location: Holiday Inn-BWI (Baltimore)


This is the second announcement for a NASA workshop on the science of
ICESat-II, a mission

recommended by the National Research Council's Decadal Study Report, Earth
Science and

Applications from Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond


As envisioned by the Decadal Study, "the ICESat-II mission is to deploy an
ICESat follow-on

satellite to continue the assessment of polar ice changes." ICESat-II is
also expected to measure

vegetation canopy heights, allowing estimates of biomass and carbon in
aboveground vegetation

in conjunction with related missions, and allow measurements of solid earth

NASA intends this meeting to be the first in a series of workshops and
activities to involve the

community in the refinement of the ICESat-II mission and thereby to ensure
the optimal return to

science and society. The early timing of and short notice for this workshop
reflects our desire to

move forward expeditiously in responding to the recommendations of the
Decadal Survey. We

also anticipate that a number of events will occur in the next fiscal year
for which early

community input on the mission will be critical. The workshop will produce a
report that

responds to the following charges:

* Examine the ICESat-II mission as recommended by the National Research
Council in light of

the scientific goals articulated in its panel chapters;

* Articulate the expected scientific return of ICESat-II;

* Identify the potential synergistic approaches with respect to ICESat-II
and other space-based


* Recommend the next steps for mission refinement, additional research and
consideration of

other space-based observations that are required to meet the expressed
ICESat-II scientific


Those interested in attending the workshop must register at

http://www.tisconferences.com/icesat2/node/1. Your early registration will
help us plan the

meeting and ensure that you receive further communications on the workshop.
Those who cannot

attend the meeting, but wish either to show support for or critique the
ICESat-II concept, please

email your comments or letters to me, then we will place them on a website
and will do our best

to incorporate them into the report.

A preliminary agenda for the ICESat-II workshop will be posted at the

http://www.tisconferences.com/icesat2/node/1 website as soon as it becomes

Questions about the workshop can be addressed to Seelye Martin (office:
202-358-0746; email:

seelye.martin-1 at nasa.gov).

ICESat-II Workshop Organizing Committee: Seelye Martin, John LaBrecque,
Diane Wickland,

Bradford Hager, Jon Ranson, Andrea Donnellan, Sassan Saatchi, William
Emanuel, David

Harding, Helen Amanda Fricker, Ronald Kwok, Eric Rignot, Waleed Abdalati,
DeWayne Cecil



Dr. John L. LaBrecque, Lead
Earth Surface and Interior Focus Area
Office: Room 3F84
Mail Suite: 3B74
Science Mission Directorate
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
300 E Street SW
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Office: (202) 358-1373
Cell:   (202) 431-9546
FAX:    (202) 358-2770
e-mail: John.LaBrecque at nasa.gov
Amateur Call Sign: WA1MAH



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