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From: Benjamin A. Brooks [mailto:bbrooks at soest.hawaii.edu] 
Subject: Killauea slow earthquake web page


We'd like to alert the UNAVCO community, including researchers and students,
to our recently established web page displaying near real-time processing of
Kilauea Volcano south flank CGPS sites


The next Kilauea south flank slow earthquake is predicted for March 17, 2007
+/- 7 days (Brooks et al., EPSL,  2006). In anticipation of this, and with
funding assistance from NSF, the USGS, University of Hawaii, Stanford
University, and University of Wisconsin have recently added 21 seismometers,
6 CGPS stations, and 2 tiltmeters to the south flank region.


The baseline solutions shown on the web page (updated hourly) should allow
visitors to detect if and when slow earthquake deformation starts to occur.
At the very least it will also allow an updated test of the age-old 'watched
pot never boils' hypothesis.




Ben Brooks and James Foster

SOEST, University of Hawaii





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