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The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS),  
www.iris.edu, is a consortium of universities that obtains and  
manages instrumentation systems for use by the academic community to  
advance Earth science.  IRIS is managing the USArray component of the  
EarthScope Project (www.EarthScope.org) and is responsible for  
acquiring and installing seismometers across the U.S. as a 400  
element seismic array that migrates eastward to over 1600 sites.

IRIS is recruiting for four (4) EarthScope Transportable Array  

Transportable Array Chief of Operations is a new management position  
supporting the Transportable Array Manager and USArray within IRIS.   
Key responsibilities include: oversight of station location and  
release process,  management of construction installation, and  
operation of the 400 station Transportable Array (TA) portion of  
EarthScope.  Additional responsibilities include: procurement and  
management of permitting, construction and installation and related  
service contracts; planning timelines for implementation in each  
geographic area; oversight of station field operations to ensure  
safety, scheduling and budget goals; preparation of project reports;  
oversight of data collection and coordination with the IRIS Data  
Management System; coordination and interaction with other EarthScope  
programs and regional seismic networks. A key requirement of the  
position is travel about 50% of the time away from a home office.

Chief of Operations requirements include:
masters degree in geophysics or other technical area such as  
engineering or mathematics,
demonstrated experience managing field work and seismic stations or  
seismic networks as well as
excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Thorough knowledge of satellite and radio data transmission systems  
or IP based data transport, is desired.

Reconnaissance Specialist- will survey for and evaluate potential  
seismic station locations and perform onsite reconnaissance for  
suitability based on technical criteria and the likelihood of a permit.

The ideal candidate will have: knowledge of station siting criteria  
to choose suitable locations; ability to learn technical aspects of  
the station equipment; familiarity with GIS software and suitability  
analysis. Will also possess excellent communication skills to  
initiate contact with the public to explain project and develop the  
interest of land owners in contributing to the project by providing a  
site location. Ability to collect digital photos, GPS coordinates and  
route information for potential sites and organize information into  
standard reporting forms.

The Station Specialist- will serve as the IRIS liaison with land  
owners or land managers on which Transportable Array stations are  
installed. The key responsibility is as field engineer for servicing  
stations; determining technical malfunctions affecting remedies  
onsite, and reporting activities to network operations.

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills to  
explain the need for the Transportable Array, discuss the goals of  
EarthScope, and explain earthquake science to various publics,  
including landowners. Must also be able to learn and understand the  

associated with the Transportable Array,

Both Specialist positions require:

B.S. in seismology, geology or other physical sciences, or related  
professional experience.
Experience in fieldwork.
Determined, self-motivated, logical, and energetic individual with a  
keen interest in seismology and learning.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Computer skills, including: Word, Excel, digital photos, and PowerPoint.
Valid driver’s license and an excellent driving record.

Specialists positions will be expected to travel from site to site  
regularly. It is anticipated that work in a specific geographic  
location will take approximately 2 years and initially be focused in  
Western US-moving eastward about one state per year.

To Apply:
For full consideration, email submission is preferred, submit a  
letter of interest, resume, desired salary, and names of two  
references by June 15, 2007 to hr at iris.edu or fax Attn: Human  
Resources to 202-682-2444.

Funding for IRIS is provided by the National Science Foundation.   
IRIS is an equal opportunity employer.  IRIS offers competitive  
salaries and an outstanding benefits package.

  www.iris.edu      www.earthscope.org
A fourth position, Station Coordinator, is sought at a supporting  
facility in Socorro NM.

IRIS PASSCAL at New Mexico Tech invites applications for Engineer  
Senior/Field Operations for EarthScope Transportable Array.  The  
position is with the Transportable Array Coordinating Office at the  
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) in Socorro, New  
Mexico, and integrated with the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center  

Core responsibility is oversee Construction operations and to  
coordinate materials delivery , verify technical details of each  
planned installation,  coordinate with Test Engineer on development  
and testing of new equipment  and to ensure Transportable Array  
schedules are met.

The Station Coordinator Position requirements are:

A B.S. in Science or Engineering or 10 years of directly applicable  
experience is required.
Project scheduling and demonstrated group management abilities are  
The ability to work productively and collegially in team situations  
under demanding laboratory and field conditions is required.
Experience with seismological instrumentation and field deployments  
are desirable.

To Apply:

Applicants should submit a resume, official college transcripts, a  
letter of professional interests, and the names and addresses, email  
addresses, and phone numbers of three references to: Engineer Senior/ 
Field Operations Staff Search, c/o Human Resources, New Mexico  
Institute of Mining and Technology, 801 Leroy Place, Wells Hall Box  
49, Socorro, New Mexico 87801-4796.  The position will remain open  
until filled.
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