[unav_all] Workshop on Non-volcanic Tremor, Slip, and Earthquakes

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Fri Nov 2 09:03:15 MDT 2007

A workshop to discuss the latest research on non-volcanic tremor, slip, and
earthquakes in the US and Canada, how this research can contribute to
emergency management and public awareness of earthquake hazards, and to
establish a framework for collaboration on future efforts is being sponsored
by the U.S. Geological Survey, the NSF-EarthScope program, the
NSF/NASA-UNAVCO Consortium, and the Geological Survey of Canada.  
The workshop will be held at the Dunsmuir Lodge on Vancouver Island during
February 25-28, 2008. Space is limited to approximately 40 participants,
selected to ensure a breadth of expertise at the workshop and with
preference given to those currently engaged in work related to workshop
Application deadline is November 24, 2007. For more information, please see
the workshop website at http://www.earthscope.org/science/cascadia.
Visit www.earthscope.org for more information.


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