[unav_all] UNAVCO Support Planning for NSF Arctic Research Opportunities Proposals

Bjorn Johns johns at unavco.org
Wed Oct 3 15:46:43 MDT 2007

Researchers planning to include the use of UNAVCO resources in their 
proposals under the current National Science Foundation (NSF) Arctic 
Research Opportunities solicitation (due Saturday, 10 November 2007) are 
encouraged to contact UNAVCO by 2 November. UNAVCO will submit to you a 
letter of support and associated budget (as required) for inclusion in 
your proposal. Assistance is available for technical planning and 
budgeting of engineering and equipment support requirements.

A range of GPS equipment is available for projects including permanent, 
continuous, campaign, and kinematic GPS systems, as well as remote 
communication and power systems hardware. Ground based LiDAR 
(Terrestrial Laser Scanning) support is also under development and is 
expected to be available in a limited capacity in 2008.

Request support, including proposal assistance, at:

For additional information, see the UNAVCO website:

The NSF Arctic Research Opportunities solicitation is available at:

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