[unav_all] AGU Session on Geodetic Measurements of Glacier and Ice Sheet Kinematics

Jim Davis jdavis at cfa.harvard.edu
Sun Sep 2 04:48:41 MDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the  
Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco (10-14 December 2007):

G09, Geodetic Measurements of Glacier and Ice Sheet Kinematics

This session will emphasize problems of data acquisition, analysis,  
and interpretation unique to the rapidly developing field of geodetic  
measurements of glacier and ice sheet kinematics. Space-based and  
ground-based measurements are welcome. Acquisition and analysis  
topics would mainly emphasize state-of-the art geodetic approaches to  
dealing with the particular difficulties posed by harsh glacier  
environments and by data analysis requirements of achieving high  
accuracy and temporal resolution under potentially rapid, high strain- 
rate flow conditions. Interpretations would emphasize obtaining new  
information on glacier flow dynamics, including relationships among  
glacier hydrology, seismic events, time variable flow, and climate.

The link to the session at the AGU home page is


where more details can be found.

Please note that the submission deadline is 6 September 2007, 2359 UT.

Please forward this announcement to any interested parties.

We look forward to an exciting meeting in San Francisco!

Conveners: James L. Davis, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for  
Astrophysics, jdavis at cfa.harvard.edu;
Meredith Nettles, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia  
University, nettles at ldeo.columbia.edu

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