[unav_all] G12 Plate Motion and How It Is Taken Up in Deforming Zones

Jeff Freymueller jfreymue at gi.alaska.edu
Tue Sep 4 15:06:41 MDT 2007

We wish to call your attention to the following Fall 2007 AGU special  

G12 Plate Motion and How It Is Taken Up in Deforming Zones

We seek geodetic and geologic studies on plate motion, microplate  
motion, and how they relate to structural elements in the deforming  
zones between the plates–faults, great earthquakes and seismicity,  
and mountains and rifts reflecting active deformation.  We seek also  
studies investigating the following questions:  How uncertain are  
estimates of plate motion?  How well do geodetic and geologic  
estimates of plate motion agree, and are differences due to changing  
plate motion?  To what degree can elastic strain that is going to be  
released in an earthquake be distinguished from permanent deformation  
that is becoming part of the geologic record?  Where are deforming  
belts better described by microplates or where are they better  
described by a continuum?  Where are the limits of the plate  
interiors?  How are the plate interiors deforming in viscous response  
to unloading of the late Pleistocene ice sheets, and how are the  
plates deforming in elastic response to current ice sheet changes?   
How do SLR, VLBI, GPS, and DORIS estimates of plate motion
depend on assumptions about Earth’s reference frame?

Donald F. Argus
Jeff Freymueller

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