[unav_all] May Online Workshop on Earth Science Literacy

John Taber taber at iris.edu
Tue Apr 22 10:21:07 MDT 2008

Announcement for an Online Workshop on
Earth Science Literacy
May 12-24, 2008
Web site: http://www.earthscienceliteracy.org
Workshop registration: http://www.betaresourcesinc.com/nc/ 

Applications are now being accepted to participate in a 2-week online  
workshop (about an hour a day)  that will create a framework of the  
Big Ideas and supporting concepts that will define what all Americans  
need to know about the geosciences. We need your help. With declining  
enrollments in geoscience programs, even in light of growing public  
concern over critical resource issues, global change and reducing  
risks from natural hazards, there is urgent need for broader public  
understanding of geoscience.  A broad interagency effort to address  
this need has been launched, and an NSF-funded workshop is being  
organized to develop a document, with primary input from the research  
community, that outlines the essential knowledge necessary to ensure  
a geoscience literate society.

This effort follows similar ones that resulted in the Ocean,  
Atmospheric Science and Climate Change literacy documents.  Through  
this geoscience workshop, we hope to achieve community consensus  
among all of the disciplines served by the EAR division of NSF in the  
creation of an Earth science document to complement the ocean,  
atmosphere and climate efforts, with the ultimate goal of creating an  
overall Earth Systems literacy document to inform national and local  
policy making and education.

All members of the Earth science community--especially research  
scientists and post-secondary educators--are invited to apply to  
participate in the online geoscience workshop, which will occur  
during May 12-24, 2008.  Though the workshop takes place over a two- 
week period, participation will require a commitment of only about an  
hour per day, at any time, from anywhere around the world, through an  
asynchronous online environment. Direct participation is limited, but  
the entire community is invited to observe the online process.  A  
draft document will be available for public comment in the early  
fall.  For additional information and an application to participate,  
go to http://www.earthscienceliteracy.org.

Please register at: http://www.betaresourcesinc.com/nc/ 

Earth Science Literacy Initiative Organizing Committee

Michael Wysession (Co-Chair), Washington University
John Taber (Co-Chair), IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for  
David Budd, University of Colorado
Karen Campbell, NCED (National Center for Earth-science Dynamics)
Martha Conklin, University of California, Merced
David Kirschtel, CUAHSI (Consortium of Universities for Advancement  
of Hydrologic Science)
Nicole LaDue, NSF (National Science Foundation)
Gary Lewis, GSA (Geological Society of America)
Robert Raynolds, Denver Museum of Science and Nature
Robert W. Ridky, USGS (United States Geological Survey)
Robert Ross, PRI (Paleontological Research Institution)
Joaquin Ruiz, University of Arizona
Barbara Tewksbury, Hamilton College
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