[unav_all] EarthScope Data Portal Release Announcement

Adrian Borsa borsa at unavco.org
Wed Dec 24 13:29:56 MST 2008

Dear UNAVCO Community Members,

The premier release of the EarthScope Data Portal is now available  
online at http://www.earthscope.org/data.

This new portal provides a single access point for researchers,  
students and others interested in EarthScope scientific data to  
explore EarthScope's various instrument networks and seamlessly  
download data from multiple stations and instrument types. The  
Portal's GoogleMaps-based interface provides users with a familiar  
means to locate stations geographically, with additional filters for  
searching by time, data type, and station identifier.

EarthScope's Data Portal was a cooperative development effort between  
the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), the Incorporated Research  
Institution for Seismology (IRIS), the International Continental  
Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), and UNAVCO Inc. This release is  
the culmination of more than a year of dedicated work by many  
individuals, led by SDSC's Ashraf Memon (project manager) and Kai Lin  
(lead programmer).

Further development of the Portal will depend on feedback from users.   
Comments and questions should be submitted to "PBO Facility" via the  
EarthScope contact page, www.earthscope.org/contacts.	

EarthScope Data Portal development was supported by the National  
Science Foundation under Grant Nos. EAR-0323310, EAR-0323309,  
EAR-0323700, EAR-0323938, EAR-0323311, and EAR-0323704.

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