[unav_all] Angie Moore departs IGS Network Coordinator Role

Ruth Neilan ruth.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 10 14:35:10 MST 2008

Author: Ruth Neilan

*apologies for multiple posting*

Dear colleagues,

It is with certain sadness to inform you that Angie Moore is stepping  
into a new position here at JPL and departing her role as IGS Network  

Angie joined the IGS Central Bureau in 1998 and has done an excellent  
job bringing the diverse IGS network into a coordinated entity,  
streamlining and automating many network processes, easing the tasks  
of analysis centers, improving network quality metrics reporting and  
change point analysis, creating the IGS Site Guidelines, developing  
the FAQs at the CBIS, and much, much more. And all of this she  
accomplished with an objective, insightful perspective and a most  
enjoyable wit!  She will be missed.

Angie will remain a key resource for the IGS and I am certain that  
there will be many times in the future where I will seek her valuable  
advice. I have had a wonderful time working with her all these years  
and wish her the very best in her new endeavors.

Those of you on the IGS Governing Board are aware that I am in the  
process of re-organizing the Central Bureau in order to continue the  
activities that Angie was responsible for, as well as to broaden  
competencies in order to effectively meet the key duties of the  
Central Bureau. I will keep you informed of progress in the near future.

A very Happy New Year to each of you, and fond regards to Angie -


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