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Dear UNAVCO community,
   We have been asked to distribute this.  If you know any teachers who might be interested in this great opportunity, please send them directly to the University of Alaska registration page.  Thanks, Susan Eriksson

The International Arctic Research Center/University of Alaska Fairbanks is hosting a Permafrost Summer Course for K-12 teachers prior to the 9th International  Conference on Permafrost held at UAF.
The course will be a one-credit 2 1/2 day class held June 25-27, 2008 on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.
Afternoon classes will be field orientated classes, and visits to a permafrost tunnel and long term ecological monitoring sites around Fairbanks are scheduled.
Registration for the class begins February 25.  (www.uaf.edu/summer/registration/)

Please help us reach individuals interested in the taking the class.
The flyer for this class can be downloaded form the following link.

For more information please contact Tohru Saito (saito at iarc.uaf.edu).
Currently we do not have funds secured for travel, but our director Larry Hinzman is finding ways to support it. 
Participants for this class will also be able to attend (no charge) the Permafrost Conference held June 29 - July 3 at UAF if they wish.

Thank you.

Tohru Saito
Director's Office

  Understanding the Role of Permafrost in a Rapidly Warming
  Climate is a one-credit, 2 1/2 day course developed especially
  for K-12 teachers. To be held June 25-27, 2008 on the
  University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, this course will familiarize
  elementary and high school teachers with the complex
  story of how the warming climate will impact the Alaskan
  society, ecology and hydrology through degradation of
  permafrost. This course will include local  eld trips around
  the Fairbanks area to observe and photograph evidence of
  recent permafrost degradation and its origin and deformation
  during former glacial and interglacial intervals.
  Course attendees will participate in  eld measurements of
  permafrost thermal and hydrological variables to quantitatively
  document the interdependence among the dynamic
  thermal and hydrological processes. The emphasis will be
  upon simple measurements and observations that may be
  conducted by students to better understand the Alaskan
  environment. Each morning will be spent in an informal
  classroom setting where relationships and controls among
  climate, permafrost, and hydrology will be discussed.
  Following, there will be two afternoon  eld trips to visit and
  actively engage in  eld process studies. The cost is $60.

John McDaris
Geoscience Web Content Developer
Science Education Resource Center (http://serc.carleton.edu)
Carleton College, Northfield, MN


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