[unav_all] GSA Session T86: Reconciling Geologic and Geodetic Rates of Deformation

Kurt Frankel kurt.frankel at eas.gatech.edu
Wed May 7 13:19:33 MDT 2008

We would like to draw your attention to Topical Session T86: Reconciling
Geologic and Geodetic Rates of Deformation at the 2008 Geological Society of
America Joint Annual Meeting.  This session aims to bring together researchers
working across broad temporal and spatial scales, from tens to millions of
years and from individual fault segments to entire plate boundaries using
measurements from GPS, InSAR, Quaternary geochronology, thermochronology, and
high-resolution imagery to investigate processes and rates of strain
accumulation and release.

The 2008 GSA Annual Meeting will be held October 5th to 9th in Houston, Texas.
The abstract submission deadline is June 3rd.  More information on the meeting
can be found at:


Should you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

-Kurt Frankel (kfrankel at gatech.edu), Rick Bennett (rab at geo.arizona.edu), and
Frank Pazzaglia (fjp3 at lehigh.edu)

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