[unav_all] Job listing: Carnegie Institution of Washington, DTM

Paul Silver psilver at ciw.edu
Sat Sep 13 09:22:13 MDT 2008

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Carnegie Institution of Washington
5241 Broad Branch Road, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015 USA

Staff Scientist  Position:

The Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM) of the Carnegie  
Institution of  Washington invites applications for a scientific  
research staff position in the area  of geophysics.  We seek a  
candidate who will take maximum advantage of  the scientific  
independence and unique facilities that the institution offers to  
pursue  innovative research. Current areas of geophysical research at  
DTM include the  formation, evolution, and dynamics of continental  
lithosphere; mantle dynamics;  and nucleation processes for  
earthquakes and volcanic events. The department  conducts  
complementary research programs in geochemistry, cosmochemistry,   
solar system exploration, and extrasolar planetary science, and we are  
collocated  with the Geophysical Laboratory, which carries out  
research in mineral physics, petrology,  organic and stable-isotope  
biogeochemistry, and astrobiology. DTM maintains  outstanding  
electronic and machine shop facilities for the design and development   
of advanced field and laboratory geophysical instrumentation. Current  
scientific  resources include a global network of high-precision  
borehole strainmeters, 25  portable broadband seismograph systems with  
full-time staff support for seismic  deployments, access to high- 
performance computing, and internal funds for  initiating new research  

   Applicants should have completed significant studies at or beyond  
the Ph.D.  level and persuasively demonstrated leadership potential in  
his or her field of  specialization. A curriculum vitae, bibliography,  
names and addresses of at least  three references, and a brief plan  
for future research should be sent to Staff  Scientist Search  
Committee at the above address. Women and minority candidates  are  
particularly encouraged to apply. Carnegie Institution of Washington  
is  privately endowed to carry out basic scientific research and is an  
equal opportunity/  affirmative action employer. http://www.dtm.ciw.edu.

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