[unav_all] Please join EarthScope Crustal Strain and Deformation TWG

Roland Burgmann burgmann at seismo.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 3 06:14:15 MDT 2009

Dear UNAVCO Community,
We would like to encourage you all to join the EarthScope Crustal Strain 
and Deformation Thematic Working Group (TWG). The TWG are being 
organized  to communicate and coordinate scientific advances made by 
EarthScope (http://www.earthscope.org/about_us/twg_charges).

Please click the TWG Sign-up Button or go to 
http://www.earthscope.org/science/twg_signup to join now. These groups 
are open to the entire research community, including your students and 
postdocs! Of course, you can be a member of more than one of these 
working groups.

The idea is for everybody using EarthScope data to be "in the loop" on 
recent developments and to contribute insights and updates from their 
own research. This includes building a website that reflects the latest 
thoughts or pressing issues in your area of expertise. For this we would 
love to have your captioned images or "science nuggets" (e.g., a slide 
from a recent talk or paper by your group) and a list of up-to-date 
references of EarthScope related science. There are also opportunities 
to post links to workshop announcements, blogs, publication lists, 
project links, etc. For example, you may have suggestions on material to 
post at the Data Products page 
http://www.earthscope.org/science/data_products,  which are meant as a 
way to share higher order science results.

We are looking forward to your input and contributions and to exciting 
science discussions at the upcoming EarthScope National Meeting in May 
(May 12-15, 2009, Boise, ID).

Roland Burgmann, University of California Berkeley
David Sandwell, University of California San Diego
Crustal Strain and Deformation TWG Co-Chairs


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