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Dear UNAVCO Community,


UNAVCO is arranging four pre-meeting workshops that will be held on May 12,
2009, prior to the 2009 EarthScope National Meeting.


Below is an overview of each workshop along with a registration link or you
can visit UNAVCO's Short Course Webpage



Exploring the Yellowstone Hotspot Using EarthScope Data:  A One-day Workshop
for Teachers

May 12, 2009, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho

Instructors:  IRIS and UNAVCO education staff with EarthScope research


This workshop is designed to provide information, activities, and materials
that teachers can use in their classrooms to teach Earth and physical
sciences. Teachers will be shown how to use seismic and Global Positioning
System (GPS) data in the classroom to enhance their students' basic
understanding of abstract science concepts and develop critical thinking
skills as they investigate multiple lines of evidence gathered through data
from the EarthScope program. Teachers will be shown demonstrations of
different types of visualizations that researchers have developed from
EarthScope data that make the geophysical processes 'come alive' for the
students. All activities are aligned with National Science Standards.
Through an exploration of EarthScope learning activities as they relate to
the geology and geophysics of the Snake River Plain and evolution of the
Yellowstone hotspot, participants will:

.         Hear researchers describe how and why EarthScope is investigating
the geophysics of the local area

.         Understand how past and present day geologic and geophysical
phenomena can help us understand what could happen in the future

.         Improve participants' foundation in basic physics concepts as
applied to earth science

.         Be able to implement selected EarthScope activities in their


Lunch provided; mileage and one night's hotel available for non-local
participants. EarthScope will work with you and your school district to pay
for a substitute teacher. Registration will be provided for those local
teachers who wish to attend EarthScope national meeting sessions.  Funding
provided by the National Science Foundation.


Level: Limited to teachers of middle through high school Earth science and
physical science.  Register
<http://achaia.unavco.org/public/meetings/2009/twg/registeretyh.asp>  Here


Getting Started with PBO Strainmeter Data

May 12, 2009, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho

Instructors:  Evelyn Roeloffs, USGS; Kathleen  Hodgkinson, UNAVCO; and
Duncan Agnew, SIO


PBO strainmeters provide better strain resolution than GPS and can record
strain transients at periods much longer than broadband seismometers. This
workshop will describe how the strainmeters work, present examples of
tectonic strain transients recorded by PBO strainmeters, and outline how to
access and work with the data. Although this will not be a hands-on
workshop, we will provide a guide to online documentation and software that
facilitate working with the strainmeter data. Lunch and snacks will be
provided. Number of participants: min. 5 - max. 25.  Register
<http://achaia.unavco.org/public/meetings/2009/twg/registergswp.asp>  Here


New Data and Data Tools for EarthScope Data at UNAVCO and Other EarthScope

May 12, 2009, 1:00 - 5:00 pm

EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho

Instructors:  Adrian Borsa and Fran Boler, UNAVCO


EarthScope witnessed an explosion of new data and data access tools in 2008.
The focus of this workshop is a hands-on introduction to these data and
tools. New data access tools include the San Andreas Fault Observatory at
Depth (SAFOD) Core Viewer, which allows users to view high-resolution
photographs of the entire main borehole drill core via a Google Maps
interface and which is being extended to support the SAFOD sample request
program. UNAVCO's new Data Archive Interface Version 2 offers a much more
intuitive and powerful way of locating and accessing Plate Boundary
Observatory (PBO) continuous GPS data. The EarthScope Data Portal extends
the suite of available tools to allow seamless station discovery and data
download across all EarthScope station types. New EarthScope data include
large airborne LIDAR acquisitions over active faults and volcanic domains in
the Western United States and Alaska, meteorology data sets from recently
installed met stations at PBO continuous GPS sites, and tiltmeter
measurements from instruments collocated with PBO borehole strainmeters and
seismometers. Geophysically interesting examples from all three data sets
will be presented along with a broader overview of the data and specifics of
data access.  Register
<http://achaia.unavco.org/public/meetings/2009/twg/registerndad.asp>  Here


Methods for Estimating Western US GPS Velocity Field

May 12, 2009, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho

Conveners: Wayne Thatcher, USGS; Tom Herring, MIT; Chuck Meertens, UNAVCO


The purpose of this half-day workshop is to present and discuss methods for
determining a GPS velocity field that unifies all available campaign and
continuous GPS into a single solution with a common reference frame. The
ultimate goal of this exercise is to create such a unified velocity field
and make it widely available through UNAVCO for research in active tectonics
and earthquake mechanics and application to natural hazards and precise
geodetic positioning. The workshop format will permit a small number of
invited presentations, breakout groups to consider particular technical
issues, and sufficient time for extended discussion. The expected output is
a series of recommendations for further research, public archiving of raw
data and velocity products, and candidate methodologies for producing first
general velocity fields for the western US. For more information, please
contact the conveners.  Register
<http://achaia.unavco.org/public/meetings/2009/twg/registermgvf.asp>  Here


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