[unav_all] UNAVCO Long Range Science Goals for Geodesy Community Workshop *Save the Date*

Jaime Magliocca magliocca at unavco.org
Tue Aug 4 12:15:39 MDT 2009



Please save the date of October 6, 2009 to attend a full-day workshop that
will establish the new and emerging opportunities in geodesy for the next


Over two decades, rapid advances in new and maturing geodetic technologies
have fueled the interrogation of the kinematics, structure, and dynamics of
the solid Earth and its fluid envelopes.  The pace of this change is
quickening, and is coupled with the recognition of and investment in
technology-driven science as a national asset in a global economy.  In
response to the need to articulate new and emerging research opportunities
in geodesy and its interdisciplinary applications, we are planning a
workshop to develop a written plan in a Grand Challenges format, identifying
the science questions, required workforce development and diversity, and
needed instrumentation and facilities.  This plan will inform a number of
other national science planning initiatives scheduled to occur by early in


Plan to arrive in Salt Lake City by the evening of Monday October 5 for an
informal reception, and to stay through the end of the day on Tuesday,
October 6.  There will be guidance on evening transfers on to SnowBird for
those attending the EarthScope Science Planning workshop October, 7-9.


The Geodesy workshop is anticipated to focus on science topics that will not
be taken up by EarthScope later in the week, and to span an array of geodesy
tools and science applications that is broader than any single organization,
sponsor, or geoscience discipline.   Broad participation is critical to the
success of the workshop.


We will keep you apprised of the registration process, applications for
support, logistics and session themes over the next several weeks.  In the
meantime, please plan to come (or come early) to Salt Lake City the week of
October 5.



Geodesy Workshop Organizing Committee

Meghan Miller

Jim Davis

Yuri Fialko

Susan Owen

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